Book by Alfred Uhry
Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Co-Conceived & Directed on Broadway by Harold Prince
Directed & Choreographed by Kari Hayter
Musical Direction by Robyn Manion

Awards and Recognition

  • BEST MUSICAL OC Weekly Best Of
  • Critic's Choice LA Times
  • Ovation Recommended
  • 100% Sweet Better Lemons


This Tony Award-winning musical is based on one of the most notorious, publicized, and hotly debated trials in US history. Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-raised Jewish factory manager in Georgia, is accused of an unthinkable crime. Exploring a case full of false testimonies and circumstantial evidence, Parade is an example of the power of musical theater to tell complex and important stories. Armed with a breathtaking score by Jason Robert Brown (The Last Five Years) and a powerful script by Alfred Uhry (Driving Miss Daisy), this transformational story is part murder mystery and part exploration of the endurance of love and hope against all odds.

Recommendation: Ages 13 and above. Contains adult language.


SEASON PRODUCERS Bette & Wylie Aitken


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Laurie Smits Staude and Rachelle Menaker & Eddie Schuller

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Audience Buzz

    1. Thank you for presenting this vitally important work!

      — Kathleen M.
    2. It was sensationally directed and performed. Easily one of the best pieces of theater I’ve seen this year, and I’ve been to 32 productions already.

      — Aram K.
    3. Great space, interesting directorial concept, and a lot of fun!

      — Ridge W.
    4. Best play I’ve seen in years!

      — Ina B.
    5. Kari Hayter’s direction was fabulous!

      — Anonymous
    6. Lead actors were great!

      — Anonymous
    7. The acting, singing and staging were amazing. I’ve been coming to the Chance Theater a few times a year for several years now, and this was definitely the best show ever. I felt like I was seeing it on Broadway, not in a local theater.

      — Kathy B.
    8. This was a beautiful production of an incredibly moving story. The direction was fantastic, and I loved the staging! The cast did an amazing job.

      — Aly E.
    9. Excellent Production!

      — Anonymous
    10. Of the 3 most recent Chance productions we’ve seen, Parade was the best. It spoke to us more profoundly than any of them. Although we were familiar with the Frank story, we came away from the experience having LIVED it through the actors.

      — Mary S.
    11. The production of PARADE was extremely powerful and so well directed and acted. Congratulations to everyone involved!

      — Don L.
    12. Great performance, worthy of Broadway/off-Broadway

      — Rob G.
    13. Excellent work from all involved!

      — Lynn W.
    14. This play, “Parade” turned out to be riveting! Kudos to the direction, the costumes, the actors (especially Allen Everman who played Leo Frank) and most importantly, the chairs… It was amazing, heartbreaking, breathtaking and any other adjective that you would like to use. And, it was based on a true story….. I loved it!

      — Linda H.
    15. Outstanding performances

      — Anonymous
    16. Since the 1960’s I have seen hundreds of plays in NYC, LA & Washington DC, your production of Parade is one of the finest thrilling I have ever experienced. It was truly Broadway in Anaheim. A Thousand Thanks

      — Arthur A.
    17. I enjoyed my second viewing even more than my first, and I heard others say the same thing. The simple staging was remarkably effective….

      — Lisa K.
    18. I feel this is one of the strongest plays every produced by the Chance. Great job!

      — Diane A.
    19. I was particularly impressed with the talent, and with the staging. It was like the people of Atlanta were clearly a dominant character.

      — Anonymous
    20. This was the best show I’ve seen. The story was intense and ingrossing. I didn’t know anything about the subject matter so the ending was startling and moved me to tears. The singers were excellent…

      — Beth A.
    21. Very emotional and well-acted play

      — Anonymous
    22. I am amazed at the quality of the performers. They were all excellent and had Broadway Quality voices!

      — Anonymous
    23. The show is perfect. I’m so critical and typically dislike most things I see, but I was completely lost in the story for EVERY MOMENT. It’s genius. The individual performances are stellar, but the most impressive moments of the show are ensemble driven. I’m telling everyone I know to drop everything and come see this.

      — Christopher A.
    24. One of the best pieces of musical theatre I have seen anywhere!!!

      — Anonymous
    25. FANTASTIC performance! I can’t believe what was done with just chairs and tables as on-stage props. It was beyond creative. All the movements of the actors were absolute PRECISION, they were spot on perfect with every step. The voices were wonderful, the acting was superb, each and every actor on stage was perfect in his and her role.

      — Anonymous
    26. I love how much effort all of the actors put into their craft. I also loved how they took the time to talk to the audience during the post-show discussion.
      My favorite part about the Chance is how it makes such an effort to have a conversation with the audience and connect with them. It’s nice to be able to ask the actors questions about the musical and their thoughts.

      — Aimee U.
    27. The quality of the actors and their voices was exceptional.

      — Anonymous
    28. Excellent cast and show. Highly recommend seeing it.

      — Anonymous
    29. Love the intimacy of the small theater. The acting and stage production is on par with larger productions but how often can you really get that close to the action? I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on front row seats at Segerstrom so I love the ‘up-close and personal’ that I get at Chance.

      — Anonymous
    30. I love the creative staging that Chance always produces…the lighting was perfect!

      — Carol L.
    31. I went with low expectations, but was amazed by the production! Every aspect was spot on! We would definitely see another production at this theater.

      — Lezlie
    32. A stunning play! Everyone should see it!

      — Dennis K.
    33. I’m scheduled to see the musical two more times with friends!! I’m spreading the word to friends and relatives and clients to see it.

      — Anonymous
    34. Loved the Salon session pre show. Enlightening! That kind of engagement makes us feel like we’re on the inside, which serves a better understanding of the work.

      — Kerry D.
    35. Magnificent! This is a must see!

      — Victoria L.
    36. I left the theater so energized and I was dying to tell everyone and anyone to come see this show! It was that good!

      — Nicole K.
    37. Loved it. Allen (as Leo) was astounding.

      — Robert Q.
    38. Outstanding performance. One of your best.

      — Marie P.
    39. This was the most engaging performance I’d seen of Parade (fourth viewing including National Tour).

      — Anonymous
    40. The quality and professionalism of this performance will mean that I return to the Chance theater in the future, and soon.

      — Beverley C.
    41. This was a powerful and very moving presentation. Well done!

      — Carol L.
    42. We were so impressed with the vocals, acting, and the minimal/creative staging.

      — Anonymous
    43. One of my favorites in several years at the Chance.

      — Anonymous
    44. I loved it so much and loved all the characters. I loved the music, and the performance of all of the artists. I would love to see it again. I have recommended this play, to all who will listen.

      — Diane L.
    45. Amazing show in a very stripped down production. The story, music and actors were the focus. Allen Everman as Leo Frank and Robert Collins as Jim Conley were amazing. I went opening night and look forward to seeing it again close to the end of the run.

      — Wayne H.
    46. The director’s staging (and overall direction) was really creative and fantastic, and my daughter was especially impressed with the performance of the actor portraying Leo Frank. The singers were fantastic and all actors were very engaging and had great stage presence. Great lighting, too.

      — Anonymous
    47. Excellent cast, direction, and singing. Far exceeded my expectations.

      — David R.

Venue Bette Aitken theater arts Center

Bette Aitken theater arts Center
5522 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92807
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Venue Amenities
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Free Parking
  • Conveniently Located

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At a Glance

Approximate Running Time:
2 hours, 30 minutes with intermission
Special Notes:
  • @ Bette Aitken theater arts Center
  • On the Cripe Stage
  • Post-show discussions after each performance (except Opening)
  • Join us for Opening Night by becoming a Gold Member
  • "Salon" on Sun, Jul 9 at 2:15pm... Arrive early for a hosted discussion with the artists.
  • "Chance Encounter" on Sat, Jul 22, following performance... Chance staff joins the talkback to provide background about the Chance
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