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“Chance Theater’s intimate version brings the tragic story of Leo Frank up close and personal,”


“Police and prosecutors had little, if any, physical evidence against Frank – but he was a New Yorker, and Jewish, making him not just an outlier, but a despised one at that.”

“And while Chance’s production is by no means small in scale, its stripping away of theatrical window dressing proves that the show’s power lies in handling it as a chamber musical.”

“Their work is bolstered by Fred Kinney’s mostly bare raked wooden stage, Masako Tobaru’s subtle lighting, Ryan Brodkin’s sound design and Elizabeth Cox’s spare-looking early 20th-century costumes.”

“Chance’s up-close handling puts our focus wholly onto the actions, emotions and vocal work of every member, top to bottom, of Hayter’s superlative 18-person cast.”


“Each song’s potency lies in how it links to those before and after it, driven home by the cast’s singing, and Manion and her unseen combo’s playing, of Brown’s score.”


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