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“emotional heft and interesting staging,… powerful, gut-wrenching, and, most importantly, thought-provoking.”

“exciting opportunity to experience the show at its most vulnerable and at its most exposed state.”

“under the precise yet sensitive direction of Kari Hayter—lets the cast and their exposed performances tell and, well, sing the story, allowing the audience to focus on each character’s feelings about the events happening around them without the distractions of huge sets.”

“This production of PARADE, of course, arrives at a time of exaggerated political uneasiness and further divisiveness, so it’s hard not to look at this material and see parallels still haunting our daily lives now more than ever.”

“Emotionally resonant from start to finish, Chance Theater’s admirably ambitious production of PARADE creates grandness in a smaller scale, yet its impact is still palpable.”

“Visually and by its enveloping sound, this PARADE is creatively satisfying.”


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