Orange County Playwrights Alliance Staged Readings

Orange County Playwrights Alliance will present a reading of Kate, a new drama by Laguna Beach playwright Robert Riemer.

In Laguna Beach, Kate must deal with the loss of Gordon, her artist husband who has recently gone missing. Emotions run hot and cold as each of the women in Gordon’s life are forced to confront what his absence means to them.

Robert Riemer’s Grace Note was produced at the OC-centric New Play Festival at Chapman University and named “Orange County’s Best Original Show” of 2015 by the Orange Curtain Review. His other plays, many of them produced by ZJU Theater Group in North Hollywood, include Sotto Voce and Hosea Nova: A Jealous and Violent Man (both LA WEEKLY Picks of the Week), The Fainting Couch, A Memory of What Might Have Been, Redhead and Whore’s Bath (all produced at ZJU Theatre Group in North Hollywood) and Splendid Misery (produced at ZJU and the Actors Temple Theatre in NYC). Also a distinguished painter, he is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts at UCLA.

General Admission
$10 pre-sale / 
$14 at the door

No food or drink minimum. 
$2 service fee by phone. $1 service fee online.

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Venue Bette Aitken theater arts Center

Bette Aitken theater arts Center
5522 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92807
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Venue Amenities
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Free Parking
  • Conveniently Located

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