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“Imaginative, honest and insightful, In a Word is an entirely unique, challenging, and ultimately highly rewarding piece of theater”

“It’s a tricky piece, a puzzle of wordplay that pays off with an unexpected conclusion.”

“The direction by Jocelyn A. Brown keeps the narrative on point and tightly focused. Lighting by Lily Bartenstein and sound design by Darryl B. Hovis contribute subtle touches that enhance the eerie mood shifts.”

“[Amanda] Zarr, in a remarkable feat of acting, has a moment towards the end—Fiona is narrating a flashback at a gas station—when she snaps back and forth from memory to reality so quickly that it’s startling. Moments like this throughout the play elevate each scene.”

“The tone, though generally dark, is peppered with witty wordplay and honest glimpses of human foibles we can’t help but chuckle at.”


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