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Jason Robert Brown's Parade the Musical
Parade , Chance Theater, 2017

We’re blushing… Thanks, ClickItTicket for the shout out!

“The playwright finds the right words. The actor then breathes life into those words. Yet, for the audience to feel anything, the venue itself plays a vital role.”

“Fortunately, there are venues small enough to allow attendees an up-close-and-personal experience of live theater. To celebrate these venues, we’ve created a list of what we consider the 50 best small stage theaters in America.”

“All the small stage theaters on our list enrich, educate, and enlighten. They are run by passionate people who value the actors, the audiences and the arts.”

“When you attend a play or musical at Chance Theater @ Bette Aitken theater arts Center expect excitement and something risky. You should also expect socially conscious works produced by passionate and talented artists.”


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