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“For the central character in Nina Raine’s thoughtful, award-winning 2010 play Tribes, the word can be attributed to two differing groups in his life… is it possible to choose one ‘tribe’ over another, knowing what each brings to the table?”

SMART and THOUGHT-PROVOKING, Tribes not only touches on the idea of one’s need to belong to a group whose members thrive on having mutual affections and goals, it also addresses the very nature of communication within such groups”

BEAUTIFULLY ACTED by its cast and fully formed by its meaningful staging and theatrical enhancements, this production of Tribes allows for the heightening of all the senses, whether you’re a hearing or non-hearing audience member.”

“What makes Tribes an OUTSTANDING PIECE OF THEATER is that it allows audiences to observe… the actions that hearing-impaired individuals must tackle on a daily basis as well as the actions hearing people do when it comes to interacting with deaf people.”

“Raine places a spotlight on what many of us hearing folks take for granted: the idea that we are able to hear and differentiate mere words from other words that are loaded with subtext and emotionally-tinged inflections.”

“The ability for a play to create a safe space for an audience member to imagine oneself in someone else’s shoes and see their lives from their perspective is the illuminative power of live theater and Tribes is exactly the kind of play you shouldn’t miss for this very reason.”

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