The Mission

To enable veterans to use theater to talk about their experiences and to share with their families, fellow veterans, and members of the public a better understanding of the life of a veteran–its challenges as well as its points of pride.


Chance Theater, in collaboration with Arts Orange County, the countywide nonprofit arts council, and Veterans First, a local veteran’s service agency invite Veterans to participate in a free five to eight week theater workshop that will culminate in a public performance at the Chance.Arts Orange County is the leader in providing arts consulting services and project management to Orange County arts organizations, local government, business and the education community.

Veterans First is an organization that has been addressing the needs of veterans since 1971, and is among the best-respected operations of its kind in the region. Veterans First provides essential services through its service center located in Santa Ana.

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“Arts Orange County sees this program as an opportunity to help address some of the issues reported in The State of the American Veteran: The Orange County Veterans Study, released earlier this year by the Orange County Community Foundation. The program is intended to be both an aesthetically fulfilling and therapeutic experience for the participating veterans. Chance Theater is uniquely qualified to conduct these workshops as Veterans First is in its ability to connect us to Orange County’s veterans community.”
 Richard Stein, ArtsOC’s Executive Director

“Our company believes that theater is a transformative tool that contributes to a more connected, compassionate, and creative community. Theater is like a gym for empathy; a place where we can go to build up the muscles of compassion, to practice listening, understanding and engaging with people that are not just like ourselves. Through this new partnership we hope to assist Veterans First with their mission of restoring dignity to our veterans. The opportunity to work with these men and women and give them a forum for expression and self-discovery will aid our veterans on their path to self-healing and personal empowerment.”
Oanh Nguyen, Chance’s Artistic Director

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