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“surprise twists and at least one moment that could coax tears from a stone and you’ve got a play that entertains, provokes, and moves in equal measure, particularly as directed for the Chance by the always incisive Marya Mazor and performed by an all-around impressive cast.”

“Raine eschews easy answers to any of these prickly issues while keeping her audience entertained by a family with more than enough quirks for sitcom stardom. (Beth is writing a ‘marriage-breakdown detective novel’ with no idea who the killer will be. Ruth’s operatic ‘gigs’ have so far been limited to a church hall and local pub whose lighting was, according to Daniel, ‘so dim I thought I’d finally gone blind from wanking.’)”

Bruce Goodrich is “fearless in making the outspoken Christopher more than a bit of a jerk”

Marina Coffee (Beth) is “terrific too as a wife and mother who does her best to keep the peace

Piper Power (Ruth) is “deliciously off-the-wall”

Jonathan Fisher is “both heartbreaking and devastating as Daniel.”

“[Aly] Easton’s mastery of ASL combined with considerable acting gifts make her an ideal choice to play Sylvia opposite a fresh-from-Broadway [Miles] Barbee (Otto in Deaf West’s Spring Awakening), so darned adorable that we root for Billy even at his most hurtful and insensitive.”

“I’ve waited four years since seeing Tribes’ original New York cast at the Mark Taper Forum for a second chance to experience Nina Raine’s breathtaking play. Chance Theater’s 100% SoCal cast, director, and design team have made it more than worth the wait.”


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