Fancy Nancy, The Musical

Book and Lyrics by Susan DiLallo
Music and Lyrics by Danny Abosch
Directed by Kelly Todd
Musical Direction by Robyn Manion

Awards and Recognition

  • Encore Production
  • Based on Best-Selling Books
  • TYA Series

Reviewer Quotes

“ This musical is phenomenal (that’s a fancy word for really, really great)! ”

NW Kids Magazine

“ fills the theatre with laughter, catchy songs and life-long lessons ”

Beauty News NYC

A sophisticated evening for the fancy side in all of us

Fancy Nancy and her friends Bree, Rhonda, Wanda, and Lionel are going to be performing in their very first show, “Deep Sea Dances.” Nancy is positive, that’s fancy for 100 percent sure, that she and Bree will be picked to be mermaids. When another girl wins the coveted role of the mermaid, Nancy is stuck playing a dreary, dull tree. Can Nancy bring fancy flair to her role, even though it isn’t the one she wanted?

based on the book “Fancy Nancy”
by Jane O’Connor and Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

SEASON PRODUCERS Bette & Wylie Aitken


“The show demonstrates that ordinary children can be fancy too, and, even more important, that Fancy Nancy can be an ordinary child.”
— New York Times

“The show is quite simply, splendiforous…The music is excellent, the lyrics are clever”
— Babies Gotta Have It

“An irresistible collection of ingenious tunes”
— NYMetroParents

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There will be a special "relaxed performance" of Fancy Nancy, The Musical on Saturday, May 14 at 11:00am.
This performance will be specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability. There may be some small changes to the light and sound effects for the show.
Online sales are not available for this performance.
To reserve, call the box office at (714) 777-3033.
Delight your little ones at a fancy event...


... PLUS special guest Robin Preiss Glasser

Immediately following performances on...
May 7 @ 2pm [SOLD OUT]
May 8 @ 11am [SOLD OUT]
May 14 @ 11am -- Relaxed performance. Call (888) 455-4212 to order.
May 14 @ 2pm [SOLD OUT]
May 15 @ 11am [SOLD OUT]
May 21 @ 2pm -- Only Party Tix available. Call (888) 455-4212 to order.

JUST ADDED!! May 22 @ 11am

Join us for an exclusive TEA PARTY in our Fancy Nancy-bedecked studio with Nancy, Bree, and hosted by Fancy Nancy illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser. Party & Show Tickets include a reserved seat to the performance and lavish spread (which is fancy for tasty tea sandwiches and divine desserts)! Choice of pink lemonade, strawberry milk or fruity punch (and for our adult guests... enjoy champagne mimosas)! Do come dressed in what makes you feel most exquisite, such as your best tiara, opera gloves, boas, butterfly wings, ballerina tutu, fairy princess gown or all of them (“More is better!” as Fancy Nancy says)!
Original artwork and giclee prints from the books will be on sale with all proceeds used to support Chance Theater.
Ticket price:
$50 for Adults
$40 for Children
Already have your ticket? You can upgrade to include the tea for an additional $25 adult or $20 for kids. To upgrade your ticket please call the box office at (888) 455-4212
(Please note that we will not be able to accommodate anyone with extreme food-born allergies as there will be dairy, nuts and items containing wheat served.)
    1. For me the scene where Mrs. Clancy was comforting Nancy stood out. Nancy’s expressions were perfect and they truly had great chemistry. The scene reminded me of the books when Nancy is “devastated!”

      — Anonymous
    2. We attended last year and this year it was awesome my kids loved it as an adult I was amazed as were my girls!

      — Anonymous
    3. Excellent production–perfect for kids and adults. The small size of the theater was very conducive to enjoyment for all. The kids really enjoyed the experience in the tea room as well.

      — Anonymous
    4. We were in the front row and loved how interactive it was. Such a great show! Even my 3 year old sat still through it.

      — Katherine Eisenberg
    5. Wonderful! Loved this special day with my daughter. Thank you so much

      — Rachel Bollin
    6. Great! Perfect length of show for children. We loved that you had activity prior to show and welcomed kids on stage after.

      — Nelly Maximous
    7. I loved the intelligence and insightfulness of the programming for youth theatre — it managed to instill important lessons while providing laughter and poignancy for the entire family. The theatre staff were welcoming and professional, and the cast and crew put on a stand-out show for younger audiences and their families.

      — Tyler Seiple
    8. FANTASTIC SHOW! The added coral for the finale was incredible. Took it up a notch.

      — Fred Kinney
    9. Enjoyed the quality of the acting and characterization of the roles.

      — Steve Foster
    10. We so enjoyed the performance. We loved the shark. I cannot wait to see another show.

      — Debbie Johnson
    11. When receiving the audience the staff was warm and welcoming even to the teen boy who appeared to be mentally challenged. The theater is inclusive and a lovely environment.

      — Anonymous
    12. It was opening night and my 4 year old daughter was in heaven. The acting was incredible, we loved the smaller theater, the party before and after. Everything was top notch!!! Great job!!

      — Michelle Thomas
    13. LOVED IT!!! LOVED the close link to our beloved kids book and characters. Perfect runtime, volume, songs, participation and the photos after were great.

      — Kristi Grant
    14. Loved the show. It was bright, fun, funny, and I loved the audience participation — way to get the kids involved (and everyone else)! My youngest daughter (who brought me to the show) is nearly 22 and we shared some great moments during the show, laughter, tears, and simply joy. Also, I loved the sets and costumes — clever and meaningful, delivering the author’s intent beautifully. Also inspiring children to use their imagination, share, play fully, and expand their vocabulary! Thank you.

      — Kim Medlin
    15. The audience interaction was very fun for the kids. The performers have some major talent! The cast was amazing! Jillian Batt was a perfect Nancy. My 4yr old daughter was ecstatic.

      — Anonymous
    16. it was all perfect

      — Anonymous
    17. This was our second year attending “Fancy Nancy.” It was even better than the first. My granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed it for the second time and is looking forward to seeing it again next year. The play room and activities available for the children are fabulous. We always arrive early because of the distance we travel, and there was plenty to keep my granddaughter busy until the show started. Wish there were similar plays available for little ones. Loved the message that we don’t always get what we want but we need to do our best no matter what the job. It was a total hit!

      — Cheryl Stahl
    18. It was one of the best musicals we’ve seen. All the cast members were amazing. My daughter LOVED every bit of it. She asked if we could go see it again. I love that the theater is small and intimate. I enjoy watching shows like this more than bigger venues.

      — Annie Iturzaeta
    19. What a performance! My granddaughter absolutely loved it. And getting to interact with the actors afterwards was genius. I’ll go every year.

      — michele volz
    20. The play was awesome, I loved it as much as my 3 granddaughters did!

      — Anonymous
    21. We loved the show. I attended with my 6 year old and her friends and we were riveted the whole time. The audience participation was fun and we loved the opportunity to meet the cast on the stage following the show.

      — Lisa Haro
    22. We enjoyed the interactive features of the performance: the shark’s “chomp chomp” bit and the photo opps with cast/set post-performance!

      — Erica Ward
    23. Everbody in our party loved it!!!!!!!!

      — Anonymous
    24. It was great. All the kids loved it.

      — Anonymous
    25. I thought the performance was wonderful. It was the right length for a young audience and the story and songs were excellent. My daughter was enthralled. Meeting the characters on stage at the end was such a fun experience for her!

      — Anonymous
    26. my son loved the show. the chance to go up on stage and interact (hug a lot) the performers was very special.

      — deb
    27. My son and I both loved the show! We were particular impressed with the set design. Before the show started my son turned to me and said ‘I think the set is going to close up to reveal another set”. I love that it made him think. The performers were energetic and you could tell they were having a great time! Thank you for providing quality theatre for children to come and see!

      — Kathleen Switzer
    28. The entire performance was enjoyable; actors stayed in character, seats were perfect. Especially appreciated and happy to see performers of various ethnic/racial backgrounds. The Tea Party was amazing, beautiful!!

      — Maria
    29. From beginning to end excellent show. Great cast. The staging was very good. Singing and dancing wonderful. Costumes fun and colorful. Happy and moved right along. Looking forward to next children’s performance.

      — Anonymous
    30. We came as 4 generations; my mother, daughter, grandaughter and myself. We all enjoyed it together.

      — Anonymous
    31. Loved this performance, my daughter has been talking about ever since. I appreciated the interaction with the audience, it made it extra special. The set design was fantastic as well and transitioned seamlessly between scenes. Personally, the shark rap that Lionel did was my favorite part.

      — Melissa Erker
    32. The show was so cute. My daughter loved it. And the tea party was amazing.

      — Anonymous
    33. Outstanding! Loved the care taken with the kids, and the reunion on stage at the end.

      — Donna Bennett
    34. I was so happy with his friendly the staff was – very helpful since we’d never been here. Everything was set up so perfectly for little girls to enjoy. The play itself was a delight, and the added bonus was meeting the cast afterward. We really enjoyed ourselves.

      — Karen Norman
    35. Took my daughter to see Fancy Nancy, The Musical this weekend. The show was very well performed and the acting and singing were tremendously enjoyable! The length of the show was just about the extent of what children can tolerate!

      — Justine Morgan Brown
    36. It was our 1st time at the Chance Theatre and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Everyone was very friendly. We enjoyed the musical and will definitely come back.

      — Diana Flynn
    37. Loved the production. Staging and actors were delightful. My granddaughter was super impressed. Being able to meet the characters and get autographs was special for her.

      — Anonymous
    38. The show was great. It kept my 7 year old entertained. She loved ebing able to spend time with the cast after the show.

      — Anonymous
    39. I think the message was beautifully portrayed and I know my grand daughter Cambria “got it.”

      — Liz Jones
    40. Had never heard of the Chance Theater before and am so happy to have discovered it, especially for kids. This was a Wonderful production. Cast was great and loved that all of the kids were invited up onto the stage after the production. Only wish – assigned seating.

      — Anonymous

Venue Bette Aitken theater arts Center

Bette Aitken theater arts Center
5522 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92807
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Venue Amenities
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Free Parking
  • Conveniently Located

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At a Glance

Approximate Running Time:
50 minutes with no intermissions
Special Notes:
  • On the Cripe Stage
  • Open seating. Subscribe for assigned seats.
  • Photos & autographs after each performance.
  • Kids under the age of 4 are only admitted at the "relaxed performance" on May 14 at 11am.
  • Everyone who watches the show must purchase a ticket (no babes in arms).
  • 40% off for Groups of 10 or more... plus assigned seating. Visit
  • Relaxed Performance on Sat, May 14 at 11am
  • Opening Night on Sat, May 7 at 6pm... Includes complimentary post-show reception with the artists.