Claudio Quest

Book, Music and Lyrics by Drew Fornarola & Marshall Pailet
Directed by Marshall Pailet
Choreographed by Maxx Reed
Musical Direction by Ryan O'Connell
By Special Arrangement with Dori Berinstein and Ken Davenport

Awards and Recognition

  • West Coast Premiere

A new musical comedy that follows a very super hero, his less super little brother, and one butt-kicking princess, as the three embark on a mission to overcome killer eggplants, a love-starved platypus, and their own 8-bit existential crisis.

Originally presented by the New York Musical Festival
Dan Markley, Executive Director & Producer


SEASON PRODUCERS Bette & Wylie Aitken


“Director Pailet’s staging has the wild look and style of a video game, and the show’s quirkily entertaining music, lyrics, script, story and characters fill Chance Theater’s stage with color, energy and fun.” — Orange County Register

“The musical has both a soft spot and a skewering eye towards these characters, making for some wonderfully comical moments that both novice and casual gamers will find amusing.” — Broadway World

“delightfully tuneful… clever and funny… the ingenious, inspiring, family-friendly Claudio Quest proves yet another Chance Theater winner.” — StageSceneLA

“riotously entertaining” — Broadway Stars

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Official Video Trailer:


Audience Reponses & Cast/Crew Interviews:

    1. I found the play smart, funny, and very entertaining. I love the theme: the idea that you can control your own destiny and make your own path!

      — Stacy S.
    2. The show was amazing! I hadn’t been to a performance at the Chance before so I didn’t have any idea the quality of the shows they put out. I was very pleasantly surprised and will be recommending it to friends. I’m not much of a gamer, but the idea of living life as player 2 really resonated with me – playing a supportive role in your own life is no way to live!

      — Anonymous
    3. …I enjoyed it very much.

      — Meryl B.
    4. Very nice singing and wonderful harmony

      — Anonymous
    5. Costuming and props were excellent. The moving of the sets was wonderful.

      — Anonymous
    6. I did like the use of tables and other objects that added to the play & our imagination

      — Anonymous
    7. I loved the show. It was hilarious. The show was so smart and silly at the same time and the cast was so consistently amazing! Monika Pena as Princess Fish is a force to be reckoned with!

      — Rachel S.
    8. Love this show!!!

      — Lesley
    9. The play was outstanding. From the moment it began, it had me laughing.

      — Carol H.
    10. There is something for everyone from PacMan to present. So much going on. I hope I didn’t miss anything

      — Liz J.
    11. The entire show was very fun and performers were impressive.

      — Lisa K.
    12. The Chance Theater somehow manages to always top itself. Whenever I attend a performance there, I go in thinking they can’t do as good a job on this play as they did on the last one we saw there, and each time they prove me wrong. Claudio Quest was such an incredibly intricate, involving story on many levels, I was amazed the entire time I sat watching it. The story was surprisingly human being applied to a video game concept. There were human experiences explored both through the two humans as well as the game characters. I loved how every person who was on stage was deeply engaged in his or her character, even when their own purpose for being on stage was to adjust the structures. The team work and deep understanding of what needs to be where at what time was astonishing. Again, I can’t imagine the Chance Theater ever topping the experience I had there yesterday, but I know they again will prove me wrong in the future.

      — Sue C.
    13. Wonderful performance. I have been calling people to, “Go see this ! It’s extraordinary !” … Great writing. The whole show is, as I said, Extrodinary.

      — J
    14. Art direction was amazing.

      — Anonymous
    15. Mr. Brians’ performance was a pleasure to see. Along with Princess Fish, Claudio stole the show. So believable and impressive.

      — Natalie M.
    16. Performance was excellent! Loved the music, script, story, costumes, characters – everything about it was fun. The set and lighting was very well done. I loved the use of the tables to really give it that old school video game layered effect. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a wonderful escape!

      — Anonymous
    17. This show was a masterpiece from start to finish. The 8-bit pop music in the lobby really got us in the mood. Every role was expertly cast and the scenery was extremely creative. There are no bad seats in the theatre and the entire show was highly immersive. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I have recommended this show to all of my friends and family and have once again had a great experience at the Chance Theater.

      — Brad K.
    18. Loved the humorous scenes of the platypus with his female Jewish therapist.

      — Judy J.
    19. I thought the staging was fantastic. I loved the show. The music was outstanding.

      — Anonymous
    20. The actors were very good and the voices of all were excellent. Sound is very good throughout the theater. A lot of fun. Felt as if we were actually part of their “journey”

      — Anonymous
    21. Most unusual performance I have ever seen but it was awesome.

      — Ed M.
    22. The performers were excellent. The dancing and singing were so enjoyable to watch. I was amazed how well the sets were moved (often) but in a way that did not interfere with the performance.

      — Kathie M.
    23. Great show! I brought my 8 year old daughter and everyone was very warm and welcoming. Excellent. We especially loved speaking with cast members after the show.

      — Cori F.
    24. … I was impressed with the energy of the cast, their acting and especially the singing.

      — Michael B.
    25. I loved the show. The actors were superb and a few had incredible voices. Loved the guy who played Bruiser and the girl who played the king/others. Everybody was involved and seemed to enjoy. The songs were fun and catchy. All in all a good show, we laughed our heads off

      — Michelle K.
    26. All of the performers are talented and delivered great performances!

      — Elizabeth P.
    27. Cute show. Great performances. Inventive staging.

      — Wayne H.
    28. The show was absolutely phenomenal. It is different from anything you’ll ever see. It’s new and fresh. Claudio Quest was absolutely hilarious. But it wasn’t just a funny show about video games, it had substance and some really beautiful moments, and I really appreciated that.

      — Bianca T.
    29. We really liked the movement of the play; the way the stage platforms moved. I appreciate the work that went into making that work.

      — Leslie C.
    30. I loved the entire show, but I especially appreciated the cast and creative team staying for a Q&A.

      — Peter A.
    31. The space and the performances were top-notch and it was a very enjoyable evening. The staff/volunteers were very informative and we will definitely be back later in the season.

      — Anonymous
    32. the relationship between siblings aspect of the play caused tears for me becasue I recently lost my sister and I miss her. She loved playing video games.

      — Vivian V.
    33. The production left me in stitches. The show was great and wonderfully brought the humor to the 2-d characters the play tributes.

      — Jay B.
    34. It was exciting to see a brand new production come to life in such an excellent way. Cast was stellar. Book and music was spectacular!

      — Daniel
    35. The show was well done. The props and costuming were very well done and captivating. The cast worked together very well. Voices were powerful and casting was on point for the characters.

      — Sharon P.
    36. The show was very funny and cute and good escapism … There were some extremely talented singers/performers (Princess Fish and Princess Poinsettia in particular). The staging, props. and set design were impressive and clever, and everyone had great energy in a very physical show.

      — Anonymous
    37. The performance was amazing! … I was completely surprised by how talented the performers were. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would highly recommend this play to friends if this play returns to the Chance in the future.

      — Anonymous
    38. The interaction between the Princesses was wonderful.

      — Anonymous

Venue Bette Aitken theater arts Center

Bette Aitken theater arts Center
5522 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92807
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Venue Amenities
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Free Parking
  • Conveniently Located

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Approximate Running Time:
2 hours, 15 minutes with intermission
Special Notes:
  • @ Bette Aitken theater arts Center
  • On the Cripe Stage
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Featured Artists

Cast Members

Beau Brians
Andrew Puente
Monika Pena
Princess Fish
Kim Dalton
Princess Poinsettia
Miguel Cardenas
Kellie Spill
Ensemble/ Elgafink
Amy Rebecca King
Elise Borgfeldt
Ashley Arlene Nelson
Joseph Ott
Jimmy Saiz
Jack Reid
Ensemble/ Little Brother
Dylan Shube
Ensemble/ Little Brother

Production Team

Drew Fornarola
Book, Music, and Lyrics
Marshall Pailet
Book, Music, Lyrics, and Director
Maxx Reed
Ryan O’Connell
Musical Director
Fred Kinney
Scenic Designer
Matt Schleicher
Lighting Designer
Justin Melillo
Ryan Brodkin
Sound Designer
Rachael Lorenzetti
Costume Designer
Marci Alberti
Makeup and Hair Designer
Masako Tobaru 
Props Master
Courtny Greenough 
Stage Manager
James Markoski
Sound Engineer
Jaclyn Pennington
Assistant Director
Mauri Anne Smith
Associate Scenic Deigners
Megan Hill
Associate Scenic Designer
Adam Nelson
Asst Stage Manager
Jackie Kalister
Assistant Stage Manager


Mary Kay Fyda-Mar
Executive Producer
Bette & Wylie Aitken
Season Producers
Chance Theater Resident Artist