A Chorus Line

Book by James Kirkwood & Nicholas Dante
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics by Edward Kleban
Directed by Oanh Nguyen
Choreographed by Hazel Clarke
Musical Direction by Ryan O'Connell

One singular sensation…

In an empty theater, on a bare stage, casting for a new Broadway musical is almost complete. For 23 dancers, this audition is the chance of a lifetime. It’s what they’ve worked for—with every drop of sweat, every hour of training, every day of their lives. It’s the one opportunity to do what they’ve always dreamed—to have the chance to dance.

This is A Chorus Line, the musical for everyone who’s ever had a dream and put it all on the line. Funny and exhilarating, yet raw and personal at its core, we are going to bring new life to this groundbreaking show that lifted the veil on the anonymous faces behind the stars, and uncovered a heart-rending truth about what drives artists yesterday and today.

ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS Laurie Smits Staude and Rachelle Menaker & Eddie Schuller
SEASON PRODUCERS Bette & Wylie Aitken

“Not only the finest musical to ever tap, pirouette and gyrate across an Orange County stage not named Segerstrom, but also one of the best shows to ever be produced in the county….Tightly paced and keenly focused on the piercing human stories” — OC Weekly

“[A Chorus Line] remains a revelation as the Chance Theater in Anaheim presents it in a staging that evokes enough of the Michael Bennett original to satisfy those longing to reconnect with an old friend and enough new ideas to tantalize those looking to be surprised.” — Los Angeles Times

“Despite the studied artifice of James Kirkwood, Jr. and Nicholas Dante’s book, director Oanh Nguyen achieves the off-the-cuff authenticity needed, lending grit to a show that at worst is unbearably touchy-feely, making it as bitter as it is sweet.” — Orange County Register

“Comes close to recapturing the excitement Broadway audiences must have felt back in 1975 when A Chorus Line changed musical theater for good.” — StageSceneLA


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Audience Buzz

    1. INCREDIBLE SHOW! Angeline Mirenda was riveting as Diana Morales! (Of course I am a totally bias dad!). Cried like a baby at both shows when “What I Did for Love” was performed…

    2. Excellent

      — Anonymous
    3. Great performance – felt each character played – great dancing/singing

      — Anonymous
    4. Another fantastic production of the Chance Theater. Loved the show. Great casting.

      — Eileen J Cirillo
    5. This is the most exciting show I have seen anywhere. I saw this show in New York but seeing it at the Chance on their small stage was amazing. To accomplish such a wonderful theatre experience was beyond description. The energy in the theatre was monumental. Those high kicks at the end and for so long just took my breath away. I was shaking at the end of the performance.
      Cast was perfect and Oanh Nguyen’s directing was spot on!! Did I say I loved it?

      — Jean Abdalla
    6. It was superb

      — Ira T.
    7. We have seen Chorus line in major venues in LA, and this performance in such a small venue with young actors took the Chance to a new level. We have been going to the Chance for several years, and seen it grow. As it grows physically, it also grows in the quality of the productions.

      — Sam Torres
    8. It was amazing. I wanted to stay in my seat and stay for the evening show to see it again. Because I was so close to the stage, I felt like I was Zach, evaluating the performers for the final cut. I’ve seen this show before in other venues, but never enjoyed it as much as your production.

      — Anonymous
    9. Fabulous production. I enjoyed every minute. The finale is wonderful but so is the entire musical!

      — Karen Negus
    10. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We are musical theater and Broadway fans who see many shows in Southern California, Seattle and in New York. This was top notch with great actors whose personalities really came through

      — Anonymous
    11. When the dialogue at the end with Zach and Paul had me in tears as well as the song What I did for love…I loved the performance and it was one of the best I have ever seen .This was my first time at the Chance theater but will not be my last.

      — Tony Codianni
    12. This performance was the best. It was like being in New York at a Broadway musical.

      — Anonymous
    13. Loved the dancers’ stories!

      — Anonymous
    14. This was the first time I have seen this musical and, given that it is 42 years old, it is amazing how it so fits today. Very enjoyable.

      — Anonymous
    15. The performance was fantastic. The set, the acting, the singing, dancing, the seating. The actors captured the emotions of the characters. The actors were the characters. Everything was perfect. I really loved the “dialogue/conversation” with the actors afterwards.

      — Loretta Rahmani
    16. The finale was the best finale I’ve seen in the 12 previous times I’ve seen the production (including the original touring show in L.A.)

      — Larry Bowen
    17. It was Awesome

      — Maddy Long
    18. The whole performance was very professional.”

      — Anonymous
    19. The poignant back stories, the emotions they brought forth. I am never disappointed in any performance at the Chance. I saw Chorus Line when it first came to L.A. I can’t say that those performers were any better than what I experienced on Saturday at the Chance. My niece was amazed at what great dancers we were enjoying.

      — Anonymous
    20. I just loved it…It was our first time

      — Anonymous
    21. I had never seen “A Chorus Line” on stage and all I remember about the movie is that Michael Douglas played Zach. He couldn’t have been better than Ben Green. Now I have Favorite Play No. 4–This production of “A Chorus Line,” “Billy Elliot,” “Les Miserables,” and “Evita.”
      Each great in its own way, and I have been “touched” by each one.
      “Fantastic” The finale was a GREAT surprise! “Fantastic”

      — John E. Collins
    22. Great show as always. Wonderful dancing energy, singing and acting. Really loved it! Thank you to all involved.

      — Jan and Ray Akin
    23. As always the musical performance was top-notch. It was almost as if we were in a corner of the audition room watching what transpired. What the actors create on small Chance stage is always amazing!

      — Anonymous
    24. It was my first time seeing this performance and I highly enjoyed it. One does not often see such a large cast on stage for a long period like is done in this production. I admire the cast’s stamina. Everything was on point. After Paul’s character hurt his leg, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. I loved that feeling.

      — Jay Ballard
    25. The size of the theater made the experience so unique and wonderful.

      — Anonymous
    26. I saw this show back in the ’80s at a much larger venue, larger production. I liked this show at the Chance so much better! It was more personal, emotional.The cast was outstanding, each different and engaging. Also, they were all good dancers, but not so distant as in the big production I saw. I have always liked the music, but never really appreciated the play until I saw it last Sat.

      — Laurie Jacobs
    27. There was incredible energy from the cast.

      — Anonymous
    28. It was all around wonderful! It made you think…. “What would you do if you didn’t do this?” That question is posed in all work position.

      — Anonymous
    29. This was my first showing of Chorus Line live!!!Its was FANTASTIC!!!! GREAT PERFORMERS!!LOVED IT!!!

      — Steve and Sandi Kinion
    30. Loved the talk-back. Loved the intimacy of small theatre atmosphere.

      — Lori Miller
    31. Up close and personal, loved the performers and their passion for their part. Tatiana was a shining star and did a remarkable job. The entire cast get my thumbs up on a job well done

      — Marilyn Smith
    32. Fantastic experience. I have seen the show a few times before but this was the best staged because of the closeness to the performers and being in touch with the performers..

      — Arnie Hershman
    33. Excellent casting and great acting.

      — Edwin V McCollum Jr
    34. I loved the whole production

      — Mary cumming
    35. The new take on an old classic was refreshing and exciting!

      — Anonymous
    36. Excellent

      — s. j. riggs
    37. We loved it! A remarkable show – the actors, the new interpretation of the staging, and the story all added to the experience. As usual, the intimacy of the Chance Theater and the quality of the talent, made for a wonderful performance. We can’t wait to see it again.

      — Laura Young
    38. All the dance numbers were terrific

      — Nate & Elaine Gochman
    39. All the actors were very talented, but a couple that stood out for me were Val and Sheila.

      — Anonymous
    40. Enjoyed the entire performance, start to finish, appreciated everyone’s dedication and enthusiasm. Sound and lighting were perfecto

      — Curt Morgan
    41. I very much enjoyed and thought whole cast did a great job, been 35 or more years since had seen this musical but really enjoyed and was impressed with whole cast.

      — Dick
    42. The kid who hurt his knee at the end – his story made me cry. The dedication of all the characters (and the performers who played them) – inspiring.

      — Anonymous
    43. This is a wonderful show! The performers have so much energy and talent. Truly a delightful evening.

      — Anonymous
    44. Thank you for providing an experience that was not a copy of the original. Without violating the play (you did not change the time frame or the characters), you made us see A Chorus Line for 2016. Thank you for including on-stage the characters who are off-stage. Thank you for foregrounding Zach as another character who is taking a risk. Thank you for making the unseen seen.

      — Anonymous
    45. Excellent performances, very talented singers and dancers

      — Gabriella Rollins
    46. The performance was great. High quality in an intimate setting.

      — Anonymous
    47. Thoroughly enjoyable!

      — Doris Longmead
    48. The actors were so engaged in the performance. I remember seeing this on stage when it first became a big Broadway hit. This musical can be described as a wonderful artist’s pallet of the life stories of these young candidates vowing to be selected for a part in a Broadway show. It can really be everyone’s own story as well. Hoping that we can reach our dreams and be fulfilled doing what we love to do in our life’s career. The part that deeply touched me personally as it always does, was the “one-on-one” interview with the Hispanic actor and his coming out to the Producer. This was quite controversial back in the early 70’s to have such a candid scene. I ask: What did these performers do for love? I reply: They delivered a stellar production and I did feel the love they gave to me and hope they felt the love I returned to them in my applause. Thank you so much!

      — Anonymous
    49. Easily exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to numerous live performance of A Chorus Line and this one ranks among the better performances. Might even go to another performance, schedule permitting!

      — Anonymous
    50. Closing dance number was excellent. Show was very well cast.

      — Anonymous
    51. The performers created an emotional response; in my mind, that is art.

      — Anonymous
    52. I have seen the show 2 or 3 times and I really enjoyed this production!!

      — Anonymous
    53. The show was absolutely fabulous. Can’t say enough good things about it. We’re considering getting tix to see it again. Choreography was superb.

      — Anonymous
    54. Great dancing! Great lyrics!

      — Marsha Lindsey
    55. It was totally Awesome

      — Anonymous
    56. This was my first time at Chance Theater. I was very impressed with the production values of this show. A very entertaining and professional show. I had seen A Chorus Line when it first came to LA in the late 70’s, I still remembered the songs but had forgotten some of the storyline. I was very impressed by all the actors in this production. I hope to return for other shows in the future.

      — Anonymous
    57. Amazing cast! Broadway quality in small theater setting!

      — Viki Battaglia
    58. Great staging. Excellent performances. I became very engrossed in the individual stories, even though this is my 2nd time seeing the show. Performing it without intermission was a smart idea. I was surprised that you found so many talented singers and dancers from outside the Chance family of performers.

      — Anonymous
    59. Looking forward to Chorus Line.

      — Gracie Ivanovics
      • We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

        — Chance Theater

Venue Bette Aitken theater arts Center

Bette Aitken theater arts Center
5522 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92807
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  • Free Parking
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