A Bright New Boise

by Samuel D. Hunter
Directed by Trevor Biship
Executive Producers Tod & Linda White

Awards and Recognition

  • Obie Award for Playwriting

Reviewer Quotes

“ Director Trevor Biship and his cast … do a lovely job conveying the characters’ complex and recognizable humanity. ”

Los Angeles Times

“ an impactful, emotional, dramatically searing character study ”

Broadway World

In this 2011 Obie Award-winning dark comedy, we meet Will — a gentle and fractured man — who has recently had his world forcibly turned upside-down. Will looks to the white walls and florescent lighting of Boise’s Hobby Lobby to provide him with a new job and, hopefully, a fresh start. What starts off innocently with Will getting to know the eclectically goofy group of employees, quickly begins to unravel as the truth about his past is revealed…. and his true motivation for returning to Boise threatens to change all their lives.


“Hunter has a gift for revealing the delusions that sustain people, and although his eye may be critical, it is also deeply affectionate.”
— Los Angeles Times

“Directed with thoughtful pacing and natural sensitivity—yet also with a tense air of volatility—by Trevor Biship”
— Broadway World

“Hunter’s writing and Long’s measured performance, which skillfully builds throughout the show, makes this play feel desperately human.”
— OC Weekly

“what Hunter does best, and it’s all powerfully driven home by Biship and his sterling cast.”
— Orange County Register

“an electric production… refreshingly comedic and compellingly dramatic”
— StageSceneLA

“Bruch Goodrich’s scenic design and Jeff Polunas’ sound design all function in perfect harmony to lend a slightly oppressive, yet natural setting to the work”
— Orange Curtain Review

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Audience Buzz

    1. to say it was unsettling would be an understatement …. or a statement about the characters. all seem realistically authentic in their own quirky ways (quirky would possibly be how each character viewed the others). we enjoyed the play very much, and felt that the performers were well into their characters. it was another “perfect storm” … lighting, scenery, costumes, set, everything. thanks

      — tom hamman
    2. I love the Chance’s tradition of the audience being able to question the actors in a around-table discussion setting after each play. It’s especially enlightening with complex, emotional presentations like “Boise.” The actors were very open and this post-discussion certainly added to our overall enjoyment and enlightenment of “A Bright New Boise.” (We wandered in rather clueless, having once lived in Boise.:)

      — Donna Judd
    3. Another wonderful Chance production – funny, poignant at times, and thought-provoking! The acting is superb by every player. I felt the director and production team allowed the audience to clearly see each character’s personality, including quirks and motivation. Go see this play!

      — Laura Young
    4. WOW! I have a whole new respect for our resident artists Casey Long and Alex Buono! Both did a FANTASTIC job getting into their characters and convincing me that they were real! I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thanks!

      — John Ridgely
    5. What a beautiful and impactful piece! Dark, disturbing, poignant. The acting was magnificent. As usual, the Chance theater does not disappoint.

      — Peggy Grover-Courtney
    6. The show was really well done. Acting was spot on! As usual, the set always amazes me in a good way considering the space is small! Another great performance Chance.

      — Betsy Batt
    7. A Bright New Boise is an adult drama about belonging, loneliness and despair. The play was very well acted by an excellent cast. It’s bleak subject was handled with touches of humor. I would highly recommend it to theater-goers who are interested in exploring all aspects of the human condition.

      — Nathan Gochman
    8. Enjoyed it thoroughly. A thought-provoking play, well-acted. I was happy to take part in before and after-performance discussions. Thank you.

      — Martha
    9. Thought the play was very good. Acting by Alex, Leroy and Anna were excellent and by the other actors also.

      — Anonymous

Venue Bette Aitken theater arts Center

Bette Aitken theater arts Center
5522 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92807
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Venue Amenities
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Free Parking
  • Conveniently Located

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