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“As seen in director Jocelyn A. Brown’s perfectly modulated staging, In a word is a stream-of-consciousness dramedy wherein Yee injects humor in the form of quips, jokes and remarks into the heart-pounding scenario.”

“Absurdism and surrealism are among Yee’s tools in forging a play that induces within us the subjective reality experienced by Fiona and Guy.”

“In this and the context of Yee’s story, the phrase ‘between the lines’ has real and wrenching, devastating meaning.”

“The tone and tenor of successive scenes requires dramatic, quick-change emotional shifts by the actors, something Brown gets in Dean, Zarr and McHale.”

“Hovis’ sound and Lily Bartenstein’s lighting help make In a word a highly subjective experience in terms of theater, putting us in the unbearable place Fiona and Guy find themselves.”


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