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Though our 2017 season is over, its artistry will not be forgotten!

Orange Curtain Review has put together their Best of Theater list for last year, and Lauren Yee’s wordplay drama was singled out. We are so proud of Lauren, whose new play Cambodian Rock Band will be at SCR this March, and the entire creative time who contributed their artistry to this heart-wrenching production.

“In Lauren Yee’s stunning play In a Word, which ran this year at the Chance Theater, words matter. The behavior of its characters is reflected in how they use words, many times the same words over and over, which adopt different meanings with each use, as they choose to use the words to deflect or reflect the truth. The play jumps around in time and reality without warning. We begin in the present, jump backwards at the drop of a particular word as each one stimulates new and revised memories, then lurch forward again. Sometimes the memories are real, sometimes imagined. The play moves in scenes that follow no logical order of storytelling, leaving little clues along the way as to the truth we finally are shown by the play’s conclusion. The audience is compelled to pay attention to every word. The tone, though frequently dark, is peppered with witty wordplay and honest glimpses of human foibles we can’t help but chuckle at. In a Word is an entirely unique, challenging and ultimately highly rewarding piece of theater; imaginative, honest and insightful.”

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