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“Lauren Yee’s In a Word… is a sad and breathless and often pretty funny play about the ways in which loss mangles our world and garbles our speech.”

“But [Yee] and the director Tyne Rafaeli tilt the play toward surrealism, keeping horror at bay with quick-fire dialogue and bad jokes. Q.: ‘What’s brown and sticky?’ A.: ‘A stick.'”

In a Word, which recently won the Francesca Primus Prize for an outstanding play by an emerging female playwright, twists ordinary conversations and situations into material just absurd enough to capture Fiona’s butterfingers grip on reality.”

“This is a play intrinsically interested in language, yet profoundly skeptical of what words can and can’t mean.”

“…the play ultimately suggests that even if loss on this level can’t really be understood, it can be survived.”


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