Take the spotlight and support the Chance at our annual 24hr Chance-a-thon

Seeking artists who’d like to support the Chance with their talents

Cabaret, stand-up routine, play reading, concert, poetry reading, magic act, perform a short play, or you name it!

Every year the Chance searches for artists who have a 30-40 minute act they would like to perform to support the Chance’s artistic and educational programs. The Chance-a-thon thrives on a diversity of talents, so don’t feel like you need to confine yourself to the world of theater.


Submissions are closed for 2017 but you can still:


Sign Up to Volunteer            or            Support as an Audience Member

Check back in November to sign up for 2018!


What the heck is a Chance-a-thon anyway?

24 hours of entertainment to benefit the Chance Theater, a non-profit organization. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or hitting the boards for the very first time, sharing your talents and inviting your friends, family and fans to join in on the good time will go a long way to support the Chance’s artistic and educational programs.


Questions? Send us an email.