Our fun and unique fundraiser is back March 18th & 19th!

Since 2012, the 24hr Chance-a-thon has squeezed 24 hours of various performances from our local community into one weekend immersed in theater. This fun and unique fundraising event brings community members together to showcase their work and raise money for Chance Theater. You can participate as an audience member (buy a ticket), a performer (put on a 40-min act), or a fundraiser (collect donations to get free tickets). Get in on the act and join us!


Choose how you’d like to support us…

Register as a Fundraiser Register an Act
Get your own fundraising page A festival of over 24 shows
Earn Chance-a-thon tickets and t-shirts Your chance to have some fun and get onstage!
Receive full donor benefits for money raised, including: program & lobby recognition, exclusive events, and more Cabaret, stand-up routine, play reading, concert, poetry reading, magic act, perform a short play, or you name it!
No registration fee Help us reach our fundraising goal
Fundraisers: Register Here! Participants: Register Here!

More About Fundraisers

Do you want to support the Chance but don’t have the money to do so?

Do you enjoy watching shows, but can’t afford the tickets?

Do you ever open a show program and wish your name was there?

Here’s your opportunity to do so for free!

There’s no limit of what we can do if we all do it together….

It’s amazing what can be done for our mission when a lot of people raise $5 here and $10 there.

As a Fundraiser:

  • We’ll set you up with a fundraising page where you can solicit donations from friends and family online.
  • As you reach each fundraising goal, with those $5, $10, $25 (or larger) donations, you’ll earn free tickets to the Chance-a-thon
  • Accrue the same donor benefits as if you donated the cash yourself!
  • Raise $45 and that gets you 1 ticket and a free t-shirt.
  • Raise $150, and you’ll get program recognition all year long and 6 tickets to the Chance-a-thon!
  • No registration fee and super easy to sign-up
Register here!


More About Participating with an Act

Have a cabaret act, stand-up routine, or a new play you’ve been dabbling writing? How about poetry you’d like to share, or magic you’d like to perform, or a personal story you’d like to tell? If you’ve got something to share, why not share it on the Chance Stage!

Every year the Chance searches for participants who have a 30-40 minute act they would like to perform to support the Chance’s artistic and educational programs.

You don’t need to be a professional, this is YOUR chance to have some fun and get onstage!

Register here!

Questions? Send us an email.