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Fundraising Update:
Thanks to a generous donation from Bette & Wylie Aitken, we are 84% of the way to our total fundraising goal!

Who would have thought that a small theatre troupe tucked in the back of an Anaheim industrial park that began almost 15 years ago would evolve into a company with 34 world premieres, 39 regional premieres, four L.A. Drama Critics Circle Awards, five Ovation Awards, plus numerous other achievements?

And who would have bet that we would be breaking ground on our third space that will give us greater artistic tools and flexibility to deepen and broaden our work? A new hub that will be a true gathering place for the arts and the community, and a larger facility for expanding our youth and outreach programs.

It’s an exciting time.┬áThere is so much to do and so much we will be able to do.