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featured-anneAnne of Green Gables

Book by Joseph Robinette
Music & Lyrics by Evelyn D. Swensson


Open Call Auditions
Mon, September 14 and Tue, September 15 at 7pm


If you’d like to skip the open call and schedule an audition appointment, then send your headshot and resume to by September 11.


Location: Chance Theater, 5522 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807. Click here for directions.

Prepare: 16-32 bar from a musical

Bring: Please bring headshot, resume and sheet music. Accompanist will be provided.

Rehearsals: Begin October 19. Weekday evenings and weekends.

Performances: November 27 – December 27 (Fri, Sat 3pm & 8pm; Sun 2pm). NOTE: There will be no performances on December 24 or 25. There will be an added 3pm performance on Friday, November 27. 

Pay Rate: There is some pay.

Synopsis: Generations of readers have adored the best-selling novel Anne of Green Gables, and now the musical adaptation of the beloved book hits the stage at Chance Theater. The Cuthberts expect to adopt a boy, but receive, instead, a red-haired, wide eyed orphan girl. Though clever young Anne Shirley has a penchant for getting into trouble, she works her way into the hearts of her adoptive parents as well as the residents of rural Prince Edward Island. It’s a heartwarming story for the whole family.


Character Breakdown: 

Anne Shirley:

female, ages 14-20; passionate, stubborn, warm, loyal, intelligent, a dreamer of great imagination. When she makes mistakes, they’re doozies, but she is full of integrity, and always wants to be a good person.
Marilla Cuthbert:

female, 40-50’s; stern mother figure for Anne Shirley. She is the one that sets the rules and makes sure everyone follows them, including her brother Matthew. Gradually, through the show, Marilla’s hard facade will melt a little as she fully embraces Anne.

Matthew Cuthbert:

male, 40-60’s; quiet type, Anne’s father figure; falls in love with Anne instantly when he picks her up from the train station.

Diana Barry:

female, 18-25 to play younger; Anne’s best friend; wholesome and welcoming of everyone; finds her spirit and strength through her relationship with Anne

Gilbert Blythe:

male, 18-25 to play younger; Anne’s rival who secretly has a crush on her; the second smartest kid in class, Gilbert can be loud and obnoxious with the boys, but usually finds himself getting soft-spoken around Anne.
Josie Pye:
female, 18-25 to play younger; arrogant classmate; dislikes Anne almost immediately because Gilbert seems to like her; looks down on just about everyone else

Prissy Andrews:

female, 18-25 to play younger; one of the prettiest girls in school; Josie’s best friend; can look down her nose at some people, but grows to like Anne

Charlie Sloane:

male, 18-25 to play younger; the class clown and troublemaker; in love with Anne but doesn’t stand a chance against Gilbert

Moody MacPherson:

male, 18-25 to play younger; the goody two-shoes of the group; wants to grow up to be a preacher; wishes he was smarter than he is
Minnie May:
female, 9-14 to play a child; Diana’s little sister; enjoys making fun of her sister when she gets the chance; gets very ill during the show and Anne nurses her back to health

Woman #2:

female, 25-40; plays the strict Mrs. Barry, the sweetly strong Miss Stacy, the busybody Mrs. Allan, and the gossiping Miss Rogerson

Man #1:

male, 25-40; plays the frustrated Stationmaster, the strict and irrational Mr. Phillips, and the charming Professor Engerrand

Man #2:

male, 25-60; plays absent-minded Reverend Bentley, good-hearted Reverend Allen, the stuffy Academy President and business-minded Mr. Sadler


* NOTE: The roles of Rachel Lynde and Aunt Josephine have already been cast.


deer04The Eight: Reindeer Monologues

by Jeff Goode
directed by Alex Bueno


Open Call Auditions
Mon, October 5 and Tue, October 6 at 7pm


If you’d like to skip the open call and schedule an audition appointment, then send your headshot and resume to by October 1.


Location: Chance Theater, 5522 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807. Click here for directions.

Prepare: Sides will be available to read at the auditions

Bring: Headshot and resume

Rehearsals: Begin October 19, and will be scheduled on an individual basis.

Performances: December 4 – 20 (Fri 8:30pm & 10:30pm; Sat 5pm, 8:30pm, Sun 2:30pm & 5pm). NOTE: There will not be any performances on Saturday, December 5.

Pay Rate: There is some pay.

Synopsis: We just couldn’t shut them up…. so for the 12th straight year, accusations, rumors and all-out attacks are (still) flying fast and furious around the toyshop. Hear the truth straight from the reindeer who know Santa best. When a doe says “No” she means “No.”

WARNING!!  This show contains FOUL-MOUTHED REINDEER and very inappropriate ADULT HUMOR! Definitely no kids or anyone who doesn’t want to see the dark side of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the North Pole!


Character Breakdown:
Note: Seeking OUTRAGEOUS characters, audience participation skills a plus, seeking all ethnicities


male, 18-40; the leader of the team; his priority is that Christmas continues as planned
male, 18-40; the only openly gay reindeer on Santa’s team


male, 18-40; the most famous reindeer of all; more well-known by his other name: “Prancer”


female, 18-40; feminist reindeer that is ready to take Santa down for good


male, 18-40; former troubled deer and current Santa-phile who believes that we all need to stop questioning whether or not Santa is innocent
female, 18-40; Jewish; former ballet instructor; more concerned about whether she’ll get a raise because of this controversy


male, 35-60; Rudolph’s dad; made a hard decision many years ago that assured fame and riches for Rudolph (and himself) and is now tortured by his son’s relapse


female, 18-40; sexually free; a very strong-willed doe who is not short on attitude or opinions; must decide whether or not to destroy Christmas “as we know it”